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புதன், 18 நவம்பர், 2015

BSNL reports operating profit of Rs.672 crore in 2014 - 15.

As per the statement of shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL, published in various dailies today, BSNL has earned an operating profit (not net profit) of Rs.672 crore in 2014-15. Some other aspects of the statement: - 
  Income from services has increased by 4% to Rs.27,242 crore.
Operating profit is Rs.672 crore. In 2013 -14, there was an operating loss of Rs.691 crore.
  Net loss increased to Rs.8,234 crore. Depreciation increased by Rs.2,000 crore.
Administrative expenses have come down due to the retirement of 10,000 employees.
  Company will earn net profit in 2018 – 19.
25,000 towers are installed in the last 2 years and the total number of towers at present is 1,00,000  towers.
Rs.7,000 crore will be spent in the current financial year for network expansion.
  4G service will be started in a couple of cities by March end.
  At present there are 400 WiFi hotspots. It will be increased t

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